In addition to his career as a piano soloist, chamber musician and recording artist, Bruce Vogt is also Professor at the University of Victoria, where he is head of the Piano Department. Because he sees teaching and working with young pianists and with piano teachers as an important commitment, he makes himself available as much as possible for master classes, workshops, festival adjudications, and lectures.

"Bruce Vogt is not just another piano teacher, nor even merely a good one; his unique instruction goes far beyond the instrument itself to permeate one's entire life and thought. His creative, interdisciplinary approach provides the student with an indispensable variety of tools: the ability to think about a piece as would a conductor, a dancer, a composer, or even a poet or philosopher. If I could, in one phrase, sum up Bruce's goal as a teacher, it would probably be this: 'to make the student an fully independent musician' - and there can be no doubt of his abundant success. Key to cultivating this self-sufficiency is his rare ability to help students believe in themselves and their own, sometimes latent, potential to create music.

A lesson with him is not merely a music lesson, but rather an exploration of all that music means and all it connects to within our lives. In closing, I must mention Bruce's marvelous flexibility as a teacher: his ease in adapting his style to the individual needs of each student."

-Former student Cristalle W.